• Anna Widegren [she/her]
    Anna Widegren [she/her] Director

    Anna is responsible for the leadership, strategic oversight, and operational management of the End FGM European Network, as well as supporting the organisational development of the Network.

  • Xheni Dani [she/her]
    Xheni Dani [she/her] Policy and Advocacy Coordinator

    Xheni leads the advocacy and policy work of the Network. She is in charge of developing, implementing and monitoring the advocacy strategy and plans of the Network and monitoring policy developments at national, EU and international level.

  • Myriam Mhamedi [she/her]
    Myriam Mhamedi [she/her] Senior Communications & Campaigns Officer

    Myriam leads communications for the network’s strategic priorities, positions and messages, targeting different audiences: the wider public, decision-makers, policy-makers and key stakeholders.

  • Mereb Habte [she/her]
    Mereb Habte [she/her] Operations and Governance Officer

    Mereb is responsible for the general operations of the organisation by developing organisational policies and procedures, monitoring compliance and supporting the financial and administrative aspects of projects and budgets.

  • Tania Hosseinian [she/her]
    Tania Hosseinian [she/her] Advocacy and Policy Assistant

    Tania Hosseinian is the Network’s Advocacy and Policy Assistant under the supervision of the Advocacy and Policy Coordinator Xheni Dani.

  • Marc Montany Daufi [he/him]
    Marc Montany Daufi [he/him] Programmes Officer

    Marc joined the secretariat in August to assist with our reduced capacity in Programmes. He is currently working on our EU co-funded projects.