• Anna Widegren [she/her]
    Anna Widegren [she/her] Director

    Anna is responsible for the leadership, strategic oversight, and operational management of the End FGM European Network, as well as supporting the organisational development of the Network.

  • Chiara Cosentino [she/her]
    Chiara Cosentino [she/her] Head of Policy & Advocacy

    Chiara is in charge of developing, implementing and monitoring the advocacy strategy and plans of the Network and monitor policy developments at national, EU and international level.

  • Isma Benboulerbah [she/her]
    Isma Benboulerbah [she/her] Programmes Officer

    Isma is in charge of the coordination and implementation of the programmes against FGM and GBV at EU-level, the Capacity Building Programme for the Members, and coordinates the two Ambassadors Programmes with FGM-affected communities' members.

  • Myriam Mhamedi [she/her]
    Myriam Mhamedi [she/her] Communications Officer

    Myriam leads communications for the network’s strategic priorities, positions and messages, targeting different audiences: the wider public, decision-makers, policy-makers and key stakeholders.

  • Fatima Awil [she/her]
    Fatima Awil [she/her] Policy & Advocacy Officer

    Fatima is the Policy & Advocacy Officer and previously was an Ambassador for the Network. She assists in the implementation of the Network’s European and international level advocacy activities.

  • Maria Paola Chessa [she/her]
    Maria Paola Chessa [she/her] Communications Assistant

    Maria Paola is the Communications Assistant. She works with the team to assist in the communication work of the organisation, helping to raise the visibility of the network and its work. Also, she is supporting execution of Network’s projects such as the youth hub.

  • Hani Diriye [she/her]
    Hani Diriye [she/her] European Solidarity Corps volunteer

    Hani is the European Solidarity Corps volunteer. Hani Diriye is working closely with the Secretariat in supporting and understanding the needs of the communities in the EU affected by FGM. She is also assisting in the implementation of the Network’s projects as well as showcasing the great work of community members in ending FGM.