• Fatima Awil
    Fatima Awil

    Before being an End FGM Ambassador, Fatima was already involved in the work against FGM with FORWARD, in a Bristol youth group, and is a co-founder of the project called ‘Youth For Change’.

  • Djenab Diallo
    Djenab Diallo

    Empowering other women to say no to the harmful practice, Djenab specialized in gynecology during her medical studies and plans to make women’s health her life work.

  • Aji Rohey Manka
    Aji Rohey Manka

    Aji decided to become an End FGM Ambassador as, although FGM has been banned in The Gambia, she believes it will take more than legislation to stop the harmful practice.

  • Oumou Diallo
    Oumou Diallo

    A survivor of FGM, Oumou founded the NGO ‘Femmes de Guinée’ in 2009 to help raise awareness about FGM as a harmful practice.

  • Dieynaba Ball
    Dieynaba Ball

    Djeynaba has been tackling the issue of FGM alone for many years and now wishes to act on a more broader, international level to End FGM.

  • Soumaïla Sissoko
    Soumaïla Sissoko

    Soumaïla participated in trainings on FGM and sensitization meetings of the Malian diaspora in France for the abandonment of FGM.