All the ways in which End FGM EU influences policies

At End FGM EU, we influence policies using different methods.


We reach out to influence key decision-makers by:

  • Setting up meetings, in which we provide our expertise by sharing relevant information;
  • Providing quality analysis on current policies;
  • Communicating our advocacy asks on the policy changes we want decision-makers to make on the issues around Gender-Based Violence and Female Genital Mutilation.

End FGM EU and Ambassador Aminata Bah met with Commissioner for Equality, Helena Dalli

End FGM EU and Ambassador Aminata Bah met with Commissioner for Equality, Helena Dalli

Advisory Role

  • We provide our expert advice on specific issues to decision-makers, in order to increase their engagement and capacity to tackle FGM.
  • We prepare and disseminate documents produced by us and our Members in terms of:
    • Situational assessments at country level on FGM (such as Shadow Reports on the implementation of the Istanbul Convention);
    • Contributions to policy processes at EU and international level.
  • We ensure that the expert input of our Ambassadors is brought to decision-makers and other relevant stakeholders.
  • We support our Members to increase their advocacy capacities at national level, through trainings and workshops specifically tailored to them.

End FGM EU talks to the European Union


We create awareness-raising campaigns to mobilise the public, professionals and decisions-makers to act to end FGM, both online and offline.

As governments and decision-makers are ultimately accountable to their citizens, we build our campaigns around our advocacy asks, to encourage the public to:

  • Amplify such messages at national level;
  • Bring about social change;
  • Raise awareness of FGM.

For instance, we have been involved in online campaigns around the need to increase EU budget for combatting Gender-Based Violence (you can find them here, here and here).

EU funds to end all forms of Violence against Women & Girls #EUFundsToEndVAWG


We create partnerships with other organisations working towards our same goals:

  • End Gender-Based Violence;
  • End Female Genital Mutilation;
  • Achieve gender equality;
  • End discrimination.

Advocating through such partnerships is effective for successfully influencing decision-makers, by creating synergies, combining strengths and talking with a common voice.

Our Members at the heart of our work

Whilst doing this, our Members are at the heart of our work. This involves:

  • Supporting their national advocacy by offering training and resources to Members, Ambassadors and Youth Ambassadors, to support them in reaching their advocacy goals.
  • Ensuring that communities and community based Non-Governmental Organisations/Civil Society Organisations are key actors in tackling FGM. Our advocacy work is based on the feedback from our Members working on the ground.
  • Including our Members, Ambassadors and Youth Ambassadors in our advocacy bi-lateral meetings by linking them with their respective national representatives in Brussels.
  • Ensuring follow-up and implementation at national level of international and European commitments , by building tailored advocacy strategies with our Members.

Our Members and Ambassadors at the 2019 General Assembly

Our Members and Ambassadors at End FGM EU's 2019 General Assembly