The Purple Chair Launch!

The Youth Ambassadors of the End FGM European Network created their very own YouTube Series about Female Genital Mutilation (FGM). And they launched it in May!

As already announced last year, the Youth Ambassadors realised it is hard to reach out to the younger generations . There is still a huge taboo surrounding FGM and they want to connect with other young people to share their ideas and knowledge on women’s health issues.

That's why they created The Purple Chair: a series of videos, created by youths and for youths, to educate especially the younger generations about Female Genital Mutilation. The videos will cover extremely important topic, such as the best ways to access support, women's body identity, domestic violence and how to talk about FGM.

The first video came out on Friday, 8 May and it was a great success!

The Series will accompany us through the Summer and until the beginning of October, with one video every two weeks.

For now, you can discover more about the Youth Ambassadors and watch the first two episodes:

Episode 1: What is FGM? - By Veronique

In this video, Veronique explained what FGM is and answered these questions:

  • What is FGM?
  • Why is FGM performed?
  • In which countries is FGM carried out?
  • What are the complications related to FGM?

Episode 2: Do's and Don'ts when talking about FGM - By Hamdi

In this video, Hamdi illustrated the Do's and Don'ts when we talk about FGM! She explained:

  • How to talk about FGM in a report, an article or a paper.
  • How to talk about FGM when speaking to a woman affected by FGM or to a member of a FGM-affected community.

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If you want to see more, stay tuned: the next video will come out really soon, the 3 July!