CHANGE Plus aimed at raising awareness, changing attitudes and promoting behaviour change on Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) in practising African communities in five EU Member States (Germany, Netherlands, Portugal, Italy and France) through community assessment, capacity development/mutual learning, exchange of good practices and the empowerment of community members.

The project was coordinated by TERRE DES FEMMES and jointly implemented by seven European partner organisations and two African associated partners. It was co-funded by the European Union.

The project directly involved active community members. Women and men engaged in joint action in groups of CHANGE Agents and CHANGE Champions: CHANGE Agents were newly recruited community members, while CHANGE Champions were experienced CHANGE Agents who participated in the predecessor CHANGE project. Both groups were diverse in terms of gender, origin, age, etc. Survivors of FGM exchanged with others without a personal history of FGM but with an African background.

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