Who are they?

Created in 2018, the Inter-Regional Coalition to end Female Genital Mutilation is a coalition of regional networks working to end FGM. In particular, members of the Coalition are: Asia Network to end FGM/C, End FGM Canada Network, End FGM European Network, Inter-African Committee on Traditional Practices, International Planned Parenthood Federation – Arab World Region, US End FGM/C Network.

Its main objective is to enable better coordination among different regional networks working on FGM:

  • Fostering joint actions;
  • Sharing promising practices and lessons learned across regions;
  • Providing a space to discuss common trends and regional specificities, and support each other by connecting regional efforts to end the practice and support Survivors.

Current Projects

  • We meet regularly to exchange experiences, challenges and solutions at regional level.
  • We have been busy expanding our geographical scope, to cover all continents and strengthening our cooperation with joint initiatives.

What we produced together

We have issued joint statements and open letters to global and regional leaders, ensuring that all regions of the world are held accountable for ending FGM and supporting Survivors.