Change Plus Project - Implementing CHANGE: Training Influential Community Members Across the European Union to Advocate for the Abandonment of Female Genital Mutilation: A Training Manual for Facilitators (2016)

The Change Plus team has produced a new Training Manual for Facilitators. First developed within the CHANGE pilot Project, the manual has been revised and updated. Its overall aim is to enable facilitators to conduct trainings for multipliers promoting behavior change in communities across the European Union. It is designed as a good practice guide in an application-oriented way and so presents several information on legal, medical, social, religious or cultural issues related to FGM through case studies, exercises, references and further resources.

The Training Manual is divided into 3 parts. The first one is an introduction to CHANGE Plus and to its Behaviour Change Approach. The second part gathers 13 modules on how to shape workshops and trainings, which topics to deal with and which exercises to employ. And the third and last part holds further information and resources on FGM.

The Training Manual will be also useful for community workers, NGOs, governments and other relevant stakeholders since it brings together various European experiments.