Addressing FGM in development projects and programmes

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This Manual has been produced in the framework of the Europaid project “Cooperation, synergies and structured dialogue among civil society and EU institutions to address female genital mutilation as a development issue”. It has been developed to address FGM as a gender and development issue, by mainstreaming activities for its abandonment in all development policies and programmes. The necessity of adopting a holistic approach in programming activities addressing FGM and of including them in broader development programmes is the result of the lessons learned from field projects.

The manual is meant to be a practical tool to be used by skilled trainers for training EU Local Authorities officials (LAs) and project managers of Non State Actors (NSAs) when programming development projects and programmes in order to enable them to better understand the facts, root causes and socio-cultural dimensions of the practice, be knowledgeable about the most successful interventions and be able to design programmes/projects which also address FGM. Moreover, because FGM is a global concern, the manual tries to go beyond the traditional line from international cooperation projects and domestic ones by presenting some pilot experiences of building bridge projects linking communities and people living in Europe with their relatives and communities of origin in developing countries.