Advocacy Toolkit: Towards the national implementation of the Istanbul Convention as a tool to end Female Genital Mutilation

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This advocacy toolkit aims at outlining how to develop an advocacy strategy to ensure, first of all, full unreserved ratification and subsequently national implementation of the Istanbul Convention, particularly for what concerns female genital mutilation (FGM). To this end, the importance of advocating for the creation of National Action Plans that are consistent and sustainable, and which promote cooperation among relevant actors and coordinated measures to tackle the issue will be particularly stressed.

The present tool was developed by End FGM EU with the aim of supporting its members in advocating for the domestication of the international commitments enshrined in the Istanbul Convention towards the elimination of gender-based violence against women and girls, including FGM, through a holistic and integrated approach. This document wants to be a practical toolkit for End FGM EU members to develop an advocacy strategy for this purpose, with a step-by-step guidance throughout the planning, with concrete tips, clear messaging, lessons learned and monitoring advices.