FGM, Antiracism and Intersectionality - Position Paper

This position paper reflects on the issue of racial discrimination with a focus on how it impacts the work of the anti-FGM sector. It aims at providing recommendations to different stakeholders within the sector to tackle racism and discrimination within the movement and beyond.

In 2021, End FGM EU set up a working group on “Antiracism and Intersectionality” composed of End FGM EU members and ambassadors in order to review and contribute to the position paper, as well as to support general initiatives towards antiracism and intersectionality within the Network. Data were collected by an external consultant through desk research in addition to interviews and focus groups conducted with End FGM EU members, ambassadors and contacts who are directly affected by FGM. 

This paper explores, through the lens of intersectionality, the impact of racism on the work to end FGM and support affected communities and Survivors. From such analysis, we pull out concrete principles and recommendations to ensure that racism is properly addressed both when advocating against the practice and when preventing and responding to it.