CHAIN project - Intervention Chain

Through the CHAIN project, of which End FGM EU is a partner with Terre des Femmes (Germany), Action Aid Italy, Save a Girl Save a Generation (Spain) and Equipop (France), key professionals in the field were sensitized through trainings implemented with the Community Trainers of the project and through developing 4 "intervention chains in cases of Female Genital Mutilation and Early and Forced Marriage" for Berlin, Madrid, Milan and Paris

The brochures contain a local intervention model with guidelines for action for key professionals in Berlin, Madrid, Milan, and Paris who may come into contact with those at risk and affected in their everyday work. 

The aim is to protect girls and women throughout Germany, Spain, Italy, and France effectively and at an early stage from female genital mutilation and early and forced marriage. 

This brochure is designed as a model to be adapted and used in other federal states and regions of the respective countries, considering local differences.