Human Rights Watch - Seeking Refuge: Unaccompanied Children in Sweden (2016)

In its report 'Seeking Refuge: Unaccompanied Children in Sweden', Human Rights Watch found that unaccompanied children in Sweden are experiencing delays and difficulties in getting critical physical and mental care and support.

Out of the 2.847 girls who applied for asylum in Sweden in 2015, 963 were from Somalia and Eritrea, countries that are reported to have an FGM prevalence rate of over 80% among girls and women aged 15 to 49. HRW notes that "Depending on their country of origin, some girls are at a higher risk of having undergone female genital mutilation or having experienced child or forced marriage. Psychological research shows that resettled unaccompanied girls face higher risks than boys of mental health conditions such as depression and post-traumatic stress disorder."