Amnesty International's END FGM European Campaign: A Strategy for the European Union Institutions (February 2010)

In order to support the work of EU institutions on the issue of FGM, the END FGM European Campaign developed a strategy in 2010 with a number of tangible recommendations to end FGM and protect women and girls arriving in Europe to flee from the threat of mutilation. This strategy document was the foundation of the END FGM campaign's advocacy initiatives.

The document highlights five key areas where the EU institutions and EU Member States can act to protect and promote the rights of girls at risk of being subjected to FGM and provide services for girl and women who have undergone FGM.

This plan was prepared in collaboration with organisations working with affected communities throughout Europe as well as experts in the field of law, human rights and development.

Read "Ending FGM: A Strategy for the European Union Institutions" here.