Webinar: Holistic approach to FGM

On the 3rd of April, Chiara Cosentino (End FGM EU - Head of Policy & Advocacy) participated as a panellist in the Webinar "Como abordar la mutilación genital femenina desde una perspectiva integral?" ("How to address female genital mutilation from an holistic perspective?"), together with Lía Ornat Clemente and Fátima Djatta from our Spanish member Médicos del Mundo.

This webinar was organised by the Federación de Planificación Federal Estatal (Spain) in the framework of the European project MED-RES (MEDiterranean reception systems coordinated RESponse for people in migration victims of SGBV), which is coordinated by our Italian member AIDOS.

The Webinar targeted professionals in different sectors, including the asylum and healthcare ones, and was an interactive dialogue around the challenges, opportunities and complexities of FGM, while highlighting the need for an understanding and culturally sensitive approach.

Chiara presented a global and European overview of the issue, including concrete recommendations directed to governments, the international community and donors around the need to increase investments on FGM, scale up political commitments, collect more systematically data, implement comprehensive policy frameworks and ensure support and care for survivors.