Wadi Summer Updates

Wadi continues to expand their #StopFGM Campaign. In May, Wadi hosted a conference inviting activists and NGOs from South and Central Iraq to meet with their Kurdish counterparts and address the need for a law banning FGM in all of Iraq.

Wadi hosted a conference May 15 – 17 inviting NGOs from Central and Southern Iraq to discuss and share experiences on violence against women (VAW), and Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) as a form of violence against women. Participants were also asked to share good practices and discuss the passing of a law that would ban FGM in all of Iraq. 

While the Kurdish Regional Government passed a law in 2011 banning the practice of FGM as well as other forms of violence against women and children, no similar law was passed by the parliament in Baghdad. Now some 13 years later Wadi is once again calling on lawmakers, NGOs and the public to support passing a law banning the practice in all of Iraq.

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