Updates from our Amazing Ambassadors

Take a look at what our Senior and Youth Ambassadors have been up to the past few months!

Senior Ambassadors

Mohammed Issa gave a presentation on FGM/C and its impact on the future of girls.

Ahlam Aziz from FSAN has been busy with seminars and organising home visits for many women in the area of Den Haag. During the summertime FSAN was concerned about young girls going back to Sudan for vacation so they gathered with women to inform them in different languages about FGM to help them protect their girls from being under pressure in Sudan.

Youth Ambassadors

Amal Hussein & Leah Wagema both participated in EWAG's 1st online Capacity building session on Advocacy and Communications with and intersectional approach, where they also took part in the discussion on youth involvement regarding the topic of sexual and reproductive health and rights as well as the topic of harmful gender norms and stereotypes. 

Moreover, they both participated in EWAG's 2nd online capacity building session on the EU structures, mechanisms and institutions as well as the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Awaiting for the 3rd and in person capacity building session, the Youth Ambassadors had already the chance to reflect, learn and meet the rest of the EWAG Young Advocates.

Last but not least, both Youth and Senior Ambassadors attended on October 1st and 2nd the annual Ambassadors Intergenerational Training and for two days were able to meet, exchange inspiration and ideas as well as to learn how to effectively end FGM within their communities through Communications and Advocacy sessions and other learning activities. It was a great moment of sharing and connecting for the End FGM European Network and our Ambassadors proved their significant role for our Network once more.