The Finnish League for Human Rights works to prevent FGM

Our Member, the Finnish League for Human Rights (FLHR) has worked since 2002 for preventing Female Genital Mutilation, as well as for raising awareness and change attitudes toward the practice in Finland. 

Their main mode of operation is preventive work at a grassroots level, i.e. holding attitude-changing discussions with people whose countries of origin FGM is practised. The discussions are carried out both with individuals and in groups. In addition, they provide training for officials, professionals and students to acknowledge FGM as a serious form of violence against girls and women and human rights violation. Part of their advocacy work is to advocate for the ratification and full implementation of the Istanbul Convention.

As a result of their grassroots work, the attitudes within different communities have changed in Finland. Since 2021, the FLHR has provided FGM training for the key stakeholders and persons who work to end FGM. They consider it to be important that participants receive in-depth information on the topic in order to advise clients or members of their community to stop the practice.

The FLHR has worked 20 years to prevent FGM in Finland. They will continuously work so that every women’s and girls’ rights are protected.