The Belt of Somali Women: NGO CSW67 panel discussion - FSAN, Ifrah Foundation, Save a Girl Save a Generation

During the NGOCSW67 Annual Forum on March 17th, 2023, the Belt of Somali Women hosted a panel discussion on the elimination of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) across all Somali regions. 

The panel included renowned activists Zahra Naleie, Asha Ismail, and Ifrah Ahmed from the END FGM European Network, alongside Somali activists Ubah Ali and Shamsa Araweelo. The event also featured young Somali artist Najma Hashi, who emphasised the power of art in activism.

The panelists shared their experiences and insights on how diaspora-led initiatives play a vital role in eradicating harmful practices among Somalis. The event was moderated by Diaka Camara, a well-respected journalist, producer and business woman from Guinea.

Asha Ismail concluded the discussion by urging diaspora organisations to unite and put an end to all forms of FGM in Somali regions. The event aimed to raise awareness and encourage action towards ending FGM and promoting women's health and rights.

Overall, the Belt of Somali Women's event provided an opportunity for experts and activists to come together and discuss the importance of ending harmful practices such as FGM, while highlighting the crucial role that diaspora organisations can play in this effort.

The full recording is available on YouTube

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