Terre des Femmes Germany - Updates from the Join Our Chain project

The EU co-funded project Join our CHAIN - coordinated by TERRE DES FEMMES - is in its 9th month. 

Over the summer, 4 workshops for the community trainers took place, in which the basics about FGM and early and forced marriage were taught, communication and argumentation skills were strengthened, and presentation techniques were deepened based on self-selected country presentations. The focus was always on empowerment and exchange within the team, so that everyone felt prepared for the next phase of the project: Behavior Change Activities in the communities and Training for key professionals.

Two trainings have already taken place, in which the participants were informed about FGM and early and forced marriage as well as sensitized about the right way to approach those affected. Further trainings are scheduled for the rest of the year; the demand continues to be high.

Another important kick-off meeting was held in Berlin on September 12, 2023. Fifteen key stakeholders from another state in Germany collaborated on a new Intervention Chain. This will include prevention approaches to protect better those affected by and at risk of EFM and FGM in the future. We look forward to further cooperation and are excited about the new brochure, which will be published next year.