TDF Summer Updates

This June, the Join our CHAIN project entered its fourth month. Each of the three organisations (Terre de Femmes, Germany; ActionAid Italy; AkiDwA, Ireland) were able to recruit eight community trainers and organised a kick-off meeting to get to know each other.

Picture 1: Kick-off meeting in Berlin

In the upcoming months, the partner organisations will go through different workshops, where different aspects of female genital mutilation and early/forced marriage will be looked at and discussed. Gender roles and stereotypes will be reflected upon as well, as intervention strategies will be developed together. Practical skills such as presentation techniques and communication skills will also be strengthened with the collaboration of each organisation. 

Another new feature of the Join our CHAIN project in Berlin is the community newsletter, which is sent to the community trainers every three months and contains information about our activities in the office as well as upcoming events. Last week we also held the first regulars' table for the community trainers, which takes place once a month and provides an opportunity for exchange.

The Intervention Chain for Berlin from the last project is now being developed for a new region. In the last few weeks, contacts have been made with various organisations and experts, who will meet in September for the kick-off meeting of the working group. The new brochures are to be made more comprehensible with video tutorials. 

For this purpose, the first brainstorming meeting with the partner organisations as well as the community trainers took place at the beginning of June, facilitated by the End FGM European Network, and the first community workshop took place this Sunday, 18th June via Zoom with the topics FGM/EFM.

Picture 2: Intervention Chain from Berlin