Swiss Network - A guide on FGM and child protection

The Swiss Network Against FGC published its guide on FGM and child protection. The guide is targeting professionals in different areas of work, including health, asylum, social work and education.

Dealing with violence against children is generally a difficult task and the cases including FGM entail additional challenges. Professionals often lack the necessary knowledge to address this specific form of child endangerment.

Therefore, on the 6th of February, the Swiss Network published a guide on FGM in the context of child protection. The guide provides important information on the subject, describes risk factors and offers practical assistance for specific cases. The guide is a useful tool for professionals who work in the child protection area and for whoever works with girls who are potentially affected by or at risk of FGM. The aim is to help arriving at a better detection, protection and support of these girls.

The guide is available in French and German.