End FGM EU organises initiatives aimed at bridging the gap between the EU institutions and the local realities in EU member states concerning FGM and bringing together EU representatives and grassroots realities to put together efforts to end FGM.

To this purpose, in cooperation with our national members, we organised four study visits (maximum 1 day and half each) for EU institutions’ representatives in EU Member States to experience the country reality of work to end FGM, on 3 levels: government’s policies, service provision and diaspora communities’ reality. By facilitating such visits, we aim at bringing to the EU institutions representatives’ attention good practices from EU member states to promote the abandonment of FGM at different levels. The objective of such activities will be for the EU representatives to bring back to the EU institutions practical and concrete knowledge on how to effectively tackle FGM, with the objective of generating reflection and seeing such lessons learned implemented in future EU policies. EU representatives from the European Commission, the Council of the EU and the European Parliament are participating in the initiative.

Belgium (with the cooperation of GAMS): 14-15 November

Germany (with the cooperation of Terre des Femmes): 22 November

The Netherlands (with the cooperation of PHAROS and FSAN) 15 December