Strategic Plan 2023-2027: Focus Group Discussions with members

On September 22nd and 29th, End FGM EU’s Members and Secretariat participated in two Focus Groups Discussions (FDG) online in the scope of the new Strategic Plan 2023-2027.

The first FGD explored the possibility of expanding the Network's work to other Harmful Practices, how to go about that and what this would entail. From previous discussions and the answers from the 2020’s Membership Surveys, it became clear that it was important to create a space for members to come together and delve further into the topic.

The second FGD focused on Capacity Building and how to enhance this aspect in the new Strategic Priorities. Building from the in-person workshop which took place in the afternoon of this year’s General Assembly and the interviews with Members, Secretariat, and Ambassadors which preceded this FGD, this session aimed to further identify the different strengths and weaknesses of the Network and its Members, as well as look into ways to consolidate and overcome them.

Feeding on all collected inputs from Members and Secretariat the consultants are now in the final drafting session of End FGM EU’s new Strategic Plan. Stay tuned for more info!