Save a Girl Save a Generation between Spain and Kenya

Due to the COVID-19 situation, Spain is on lockdown since March. We decided to ask one of our Spanish Members, Save a Girl Save a Generation, how they are coping with these challenging times. Keep on reading to find out more!

In Spain

SAGSAG coordinates a large number of volunteers for its on-going programmes. Since the lockdown started abruptly, the team continued working, without over-looking the personal situation of the volunteers. The team decided to continue the language classes and for the first two weeks, everybody was happy and motivated.

However, the extension of the lockdown brought new issues: uncertainty, loss of incomes, and bad access to technology. Save a Girl Save a Generation decided to stop the lessons and to become a link between women in precarious situation and organisations, such as Karibu, that could provide them with food or practical help.

In addition, they are providing legal expertise to access state subsidies and disproving various fake news: LINK.

In Kenya

Save a Girl Save a Generation is also monitoring the situation in Kenya, where many people live day by day and do not have a steady income. With the lockdown, the survival instinct could lead to having hard decisions to make. Some families could decide to marry one of their daughters to have fewer mouths to feed and in exchange get a dowry.

SAGSAG is working on a report on the subject and on a social media challenge to raise awareness and find new innovative solutions.