Press Release: Network's 2023 General Assembly

On the 6th and 7th June 2023, we welcomed our End FGM EU Members and Ambassadors in Brussels for our General Assembly.

Our Annual General Assembly is always a decisive moment for the End FGM European Network. Every year, we come together with our Board, Members and Ambassadors, to reflect on our achievements, open the floor to new candidates, and outline our direction for the future.

The General Assembly saw two days of discussions: a full day on the 6th and half a day on the 7th of June, all of which were filled with incredible contributions towards the Network's goals, its expanded membership, and its position on key issues. 

The 6th of June focused on reviewing the past year and voting on the necessary documents for the Network's future objectives in 2023. This year in particular, the day's agenda saw a very important point, as it was the moment to present all Network's achievements in accordance with its Strategic Priorities which ended last year (2018-2022). 

The first day of the GA also saw the Elections of the Network's Board. With enormous gratitude, we said goodbye to Sonia Duarte Lopes (APF) and Hayat Traspas (SaG-SaG), who stepped down from the Board after amazing mandates full of commitment and dedication. We thank Aminata Bah and Cynthia Karanja for their future commitment to continue serving as Board Members. But, most importantly...

We are thrilled to announce End FGM EU filled the remaining five seats! ​The new composition of the Board is entirely made up of inspiring women coming from communities affected by FGM. We warmly welcome the following to the Board:

  • Aminata Sibidé (GAMS Belgium)
  • Etenesh Hadis (AWO, Austria)
  • Fatumata Kromah (Lessan, Germany)
  • Marly Bah (Equipop, France)
  • Rukio Omer (FSAN, the Netherlands)

While the GA is always an exciting event from start to finish, perhaps our favourite part is when candidates take the floor to present their applications to the Network! We have the pleasure to announce that, following presentations by Benedetta Balmaverde, Luul Jama, Hadia Bashir, Valerie Lolomari, and Charlotte Ndamm-Njikoufon, we have four new organisations joining the Network and 1 change in Membership from Associate to Full! This brings the End FGM European Network to 39 Member organisations in Europe!

A warm welcome to ActionAid Italy, Existera, TAMA, Women of Grace UK and a renewed round of applause for KONE, our formerly Associate Member who is now a Full Member!

Benedetta Balmaverde, ActionAid Italy

Luul Jama, Existera (Sweden)
Charlotte Ndamm-Njikoufon, KONE (Germany)

Hadia Bashir, TAMA (Malta)

Valerie Lolomari, Women of Grace (UK)

Thank you to our amazing Members, as well as the Board and Ambassadors present during this vibrant and productive day!


The General Assembly is the highest decision-making body of the End FGM European Network, and it is made up of all Full Members of the Network. Associate Members participate as observers, they can have input in the discussions but do not vote. Our General Assembly is open to all Members of the End FGM European Network and our Ambassadors. 

For more information about the General Assembly, please find the Statutes here.