Play 4 Your Rights! by MIGS - Innovative Media Education Strategies against Sexism and Discrimination

MIGS is implementing a project to foster critical and creative use of social media amongst young people to fight gender-based stereotypes, discrimination and sexist hate speech. 

The project is implemented in Italy, Germany, Cyprus and Lithuania. Play 4! makes innovative use of media, digital games and gamification in order to engage teenagers on the key topic of gender-based discrimination. Project activities include an online campaign, public events and meetings with local authorities. These not only target teenagers but also teachers, educators, staff, families of adolescents, local authorities and the general public. The project promotes critical thinking, active citizenship and social inclusion. The Play 4 your rights App that is a game for teenagers helping them to address gender based hate speech. It is available and free to download from google play and apple store.

Partners: Mediterranean Institute of Gender Studies, Cyprus, COSPE, Italy,ZAFFIRIA, Casa Delle Donne, Italy, Medien + (m+b), Germany, Women’s Issues Information Centre (WIIC), Lithuania.