Our recommendations to the Slovenian Presidency of the Council of the European Union

Every new presidency of the Council of the European Union, End FGM European Network sends our recommendations on different issues that are linked to FGM and Gender Equality.

On Monday this week we have addressed our letter with recommendations to the Slovenian Presidency.

In our letter we have made several recommendations based on the Slovenian Presidency programme and priorities.

End FGM EU makes critical recommendations on three of the Presidency’s priorities: Resilience, Recovery and Strategic Autonomy; Rule of Law and Equal Opportunities; and A credible and secure European Union.

These recommendations include:

  • giving attention to the dramatic  rising of all forms of gender-based violence  against women during the pandemic, including FGM
  • listening to the voices and recommendations of women with heightened vulnerability, civil society, grassroots and women's organisations
  • promoting the inclusion of FGM Survivors in the Victim's Rights Directive without discrimination
  • prioritising the implementation of the EU Action Plan on Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment 2021-2025 on external action

We trust that the Presidency will be inspired by their motto “Together. Resilient. Europe” to ensure the EU lives up to the values enshrined in its treaties and that a “resilient Europe” strongly supports human rights, non-discrimination and (gender) equality.

Find the complete letter and all our recommendations here