Our participation to the first European Parliament Report on Intersectionality

In this first quarter of 2022, we have continued to strengthen our partnerships with key allies among civil society organisations and within EU institutions. 

We have engaged with the European Parliament in particular by contributing to the own-initiative report on intersectionality with the title “Intersectional discrimination in the European Union: the socio-economic situation of women of African, Middle-Eastern, Latin-American and Asian descent”. The rapporteur, MEP Alice Kuhnke (Sweden, Greens/EFA) invited the Network to provide our inputs to the first-ever EP report on the topic of intersectionality, whose purpose is to suggest concrete tools in the work towards equality in Europe. `We have increasingly used intersectionality as an important tool that we think is fundamental to overcome the systemic discriminations that intersect adding to the experience of women and people being discriminated against on basis of gender. In particular, when it comes to survivors of GBV and FGM, it is crucial to highlight the additional forms of discrimination, such as xenophobic and racist prejudices and treatment from the healthcare providers lead to reduced access to health and support services, in particular for the migrant community of non-European descent.

The first draft of the motion for a resolution was voted in the Committee on Women’s Rights and Gender Equality. We will continue to engage with the rapporteurs and MEPs during the next phases