New FGM project with the Office of Birth and Childhood in Belgium

GAMS Belgium has launched a new project on FGM with the Office of Birth and Childhood at children & families (ONE), an independent organism under the Minister for Childhood of the Wallonia & Brussels Federation.

Two Community workers, Ismatou Bah and Chafika Hassan Daoud, were recruited specifically on this project. Their mission is to conduct information and sensitisation work for pregnant women and parents coming to the ONE offices in Brussels and Wallonia. They will function as cultural mediators in case a dialogue on FGM is necessary between parents and Health professionnals. As a part of the project, Ismatou and Chafika will also implement Well-being workshops for mothers and their small children which will enable a discussion around issues such as traditions around childcare and pregnancy and which will be held during the consultations of ONE and within childcare centres.

GAMS Belgium and ONE have a long history working together in several regions but this is the first specific project with allocated staff.