MIGS - Findings of the ARTEMIS research study in Cyprus and 4 EU countries

Mediterranean Institute of Gender Studies (MIGS) looked into the implementation of the European Protection Order in the EU. Findings of the ARTEMIS research study in Cyprus and 4 EU countries are now available.

The European Protection Order (EPO) can support women who have experienced domestic violence, stalking or other forms of gender-based violence, so that they may be protected not only in their home country but in any European country they wish to travel to or reside in. Nevertheless, there is a lack of awareness of the EPO among EU citizens, and legal and NGO/CSO professionals.

As part of the ARTEMIS Project, the Mediterranean Institute of Gender Studies (MIGS) together with its partners produced a final research report on the implementation of the EPO in 5 European countries, which highlights that:

  • There is limited data available on the use of EPOs;
  • Despite the lack of data, a very low number of EPOs have been issued or recognised;
  • There has been no training on the EPO of legal professionals or NGO/CSO professionals;
  • There have been no nationwide awareness-raising campaigns on the EPO aimed at the general public.

The partners will also prepare and disseminate Handbooks addressed to EU citizens, legal professionals and NGO/CSO professionals, including practical guidance on how to access the EPO and good practices to promote the use of the EPO – see here for updates.

Please contact Alexia Shakou at shakos.a@medinstgenderstudies.org for more information.