Men Standing-Up For Gender Equality – Amplifying Change


The project “Men Standing-up for Gender Equality – Amplifying Change” coordinated by LESSAN e. V. in Germany and the partners FEA in France and Himilo in the Netherlands had a very successful start.

One of the main pillars of the project MFGE-AC is an online role game. The game supports all who play it to put themselves in the place of those affected by gender-based violence and receive an insight on what girls and women have to endure, on the route, seeking asylum oversees.

Many victims suffer from multiple forms of violence during their escape history. Most are not only affected by FGM/C but by early and forced marriage, abuse, domestic violence and or sexual abuse. In the role game, the story of the women on their escape route was reconstructed.

You may stay curious for Christmas time: At the end of December 2022 the partners will publish the online role-game “In the footsteps of a woman’s asylum route”. The story is of a mother who wants to protect her daughter from gender-based violence, female genital mutilation and early and forced marriage and therefor choses to flee. Or to stay – you decide.

The role game consists of different “either/or” decisions leading to different scenarios, changing the course of the game. Depending on the decisions you take, 17 different endings can be reached. Stay hooked and check our website at the International Migrants Day at the end of December to play the game - and be ready to find out how your decisions will impact the course of your story!