Medicos del Mundo Spain: Meeting of African Women in Binéfar

Médicos del Mundo Aragón held on Saturday, 4 November 2023, in Binéfar, a meeting of African women living in the province of Huesca with the participation of more than 200 attendees from at least nine countries.

This meeting was a space to strengthen the support networks of these women and promote contact and exchange of information between the associations of which they are part.

With this initiative, Médecins du Monde sought to contribute to guaranteeing access to health care for this group and to create a space of sisterhood and empowerment for the African women attending.

The meeting included the presentation of the 9 African women's associations from Huesca and its surrounding areas, with a space for intercultural exchange, a corner for women artists, and a fashion show of African and traditional fashions.

During the meeting, organised as a space for coexistence and interculturality, the different associations expressed their desire to continue the solidarity and joint work that characterises African women. They explained the needs of the African community living in the province of Huesca, among which the most important are support or reinforcement for their children at school, as well as for the care of their children while they work, and the availability of premises for the development of community activities. They highlighted how difficult it is for them to access rental housing.

The second generation highlighted that they find themselves in a situation of dual identity, a situation that generates many conflicts and questions. They experience a generation gap with their parents, which leads to significant communication problems. They called for the promotion of a culture of diversity and pointed out that in order to build a more inclusive society, the challenges of the second generation need to be addressed.