Lessan Updates

Lessan Project LICHTBLICK is a women's empowerment project. It provides training for women affected by violence or FGM to learn to be with themselves again and to actively deal with the psychological consequences of female genital mutilation.

Lessan offers workshops for the affected women on different topics, so that they can learn to let it go, to gain strength and to better cope with their everyday lives.

Also for men, Lessan offers workshops to educate and to deal with pressure and stress. They will be sensitized to the subject and learn how to better protect affected women.


The theater project enables refugees and persons with a migration background to use their art against violence against women and girls. Stay active and vigilant against violence against WOMEN! Rise against violence! Come and join Lessan. LESSAN e.V. supports the integration of refugees and people with a migrant background by promoting intercultural exchange and empowerment of girls and women.Les

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