LebKom - Taking the Challenge "Covid 19 "with creativity and Confidence"

Lebkom is rising up to the new challenges brought up by Covid19 with a large dose of creativity and confidence.

Thanks to this spirit, Lebkom's FULDA-MOSOCHO PROJECT greatly succeeded in continuing its work towardsHuman rights for girls and women – appreciation of the female body – non-violence in the families – in all project regions.

Respecting the Covid-lockdown-conditions it was even possible to continue the “VCA- Facilitators Training” in Marani and Kisii South, with curriculum on base of the Value-Centered Approach, developed by Prof. Dr. Muthgard Hinkelmann-Toewe, CENTER for PROFS.

So well trained project participants are eagerly looking forward to completing their further education training in April 2021. As it is especially important in times of crisis to focus on creating better living conditions for girls and women, they have visited hundreds of families in recent months to bring fathers and grandfathers in reflection processes of implementing human rights for women within their families and to accompany them in the decision-making process to sustainably protect their daughters from FGM. They did it with great success!

In order to be able to work during the pandemic, the Kenyan team has been specifically trained in preventing the spread of the virus and to take others along with them.

Social-Distancing-posters and concepts for Hand-Hygiene have been developed by the FULDA-MOSOCHO-PROJECT-Team. Displaying the posters and implementing hand-hygiene is a joy to young and old.