International day of Zero Tolerance for FGM

International day of Zero Tolerance for FGM

Médicos del Mundo carried out a wide range of activities in 6 cities across Spain. In Madrid Médicos del Mundo carried out an awareneess raising event in the central Plaza Callao (one of the most crowded in town), where our group of activists in FGM performed a songo n the erradication of FGM. In Zaragoza, Pamplona and Palma de Mallorca we organized different premiere sessions of the documentary film “La manzana de Eva” (trailer available here). In Zaragoza and Pamplona, after the premiere, Médicos del Mundo held a round table with the participation of José Manuel Colón (director) and Fatima Djarra (one of main characters, activist against FGM and MdM community representative). In Bilbao, Toledo and Huesca Médicos del Mundo carried out training sessions for professionals as well as informative sessions thanks to the support of the photographic exhibition “un viaje con compromiso”.

International Women’s Day (8th of March)

In Spain, the feminist movement, with the support of trade unions, called for a 24-hour strike. So Médicos del Mundo decided to carry out just one activity in Madrid, leaving the agenda free for the other national offices in order to participate in the different demonstrations held at local level. The activity carried out consisted in an international Seminar on “Gender, Empowerment and Partnership”, held in the framework of the European Project “Capacity Building in EU Aid Volunteers”.

New Programmes launched for 2018

In 2018, Médicos del Mundo will launch FGM programmes in two new regions (Canary Islands and Andalucía), where a situation diagnosis is being carried out. So, at the end of 2018 Médicos del Mundo will be implementing FGM related programmes in 9 regions of Spaing (out of 17).