ihmisoikeusliito September Updates

The Finnish League for Human Rights coordinates a FGM network which includes representatives from the National Police Board, Immigration Services and reception centres, Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, National Institute for Health and Welfare, Ombudsman for children as well as different CSO's.

The network meets twice a year to discuss topical issues. In its last meeting, the vivid discussion centered around the fact that many professionals do not fulfil their current obligations to prevent FGM. Finnish League for Human Rights demanded that relevant ministries must take stronger national measures to increase professionals' ability to tackle the issue, as well as include those measures in the implementation plan of the Istanbul convention.


“Many women, who have given birth in Finland, have told us that nobody has ever brought up the issue of FGM in their appointments with the health care professionals. This is despite the fact that these women originally come from countries with high FGM prevalence.” Project manager Johanna Latvala and adviser Solomie Teshome write in their blog spot that specific criminalization of FGM is not the answer, as long as professionals do not lift up the issue with their customers and report suspicions of FGM to the police and child protection services.” Reqd more here.