FEA: #CallAllMenTo, a social media campaign on GBV, including FGM

#CallAllMenTo, a social media campaign on GBV, including FGM and EFM!

On March 8th, at the occasion of the International Women’s rights day, FEA, Lessan e.V and Himilo launched a social media campaign to raise awareness on the role of men to promote gender equality and fight against all form of gender-based violence, including FGM.

From March 8th to April 8th, portraits of the mediators and champions of the MFGE-AC project were shared every two days along with their key messages and the hashtag #CallAllMenTo so as to encourage other men to join the campaign and stand-up in turn against GBV and FGM. As information is key to promote a behaviour change, each message was also completed with information on the different kinds of violence and their prevalence so as to favour a better awareness on those issues and promote full understanding of the extent and consequences of GBV.

The campaign ended-up with two infographics on bystander intervention and ways to end GBV.

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