Diotima's campaign: Do the Human Right thing #SpreadOurVoice

Diotima's campaign “Do the human right thing” and the motto #SpreadOurVoice give rise to refugees and asylum seekers' voices!

Refugee and asylum-seeking women face greater barriers in accessing employment than men.

Having less or no previous professional experience and a lower level of education, due to gender divisions experienced in the countries of origin, they seek temporary job opportunities for their daily survival.

Lack of governmental inclusion policies aimed at their skills development results in being further excluded from the labour market.

Women themselves emphasize that they want to work to gain their autonomy and reduce the risk of exposure to exploitation and violence.

Read more in the report “Seeking a new life ¬ seeking employment” published by the International Rescue Committee Hellas (IRC Hellas), the Greek Council for Refugees (GCR) and the Diotima Center, in the context of the Active citizens fund programme.

Get to know the campaign Do the human right thing

The campaign was designed by the Diotima Center and gives rise to refugees and asylum seekers voices themselves in order to be heard louder.

Coming up with the motto “spread our voice”, Diotima invites you to take action. Defend the fundamental rights of the people on the move. Raise your voice for their effective application to all people.