Coordinating the 2020 new EIGE research

In 2020, End FGM EU has been part of the new EIGE research on women and girls at risk of FGM in 4 EU countries: Denmark, Luxembourg, Spain and Austria.

End FGM EU is the Network Coordinator of the research, in partnership with ICF and the Senior Researchers Sarah O’Neill and Livia Ortensi.

"Accurate estimations of the number of girls at risk are required to effectively tackle FGM. To support evidence-based policymaking EIGE will provide tailor-made recommendations for each of the four countries. The recommendations will take into account patterns of migration and will be informed by an analysis of the policy and legislative framework, sessions with migrant communities, experience-sharing sessions with policymakers and experts, as well as the risk estimations in each country."

Read more about the research here.

After months of research, organisation of focus groups, and reaching out to affected communities, 2 high-level conferences were organised in October and November this year to share information on engaging with communities and asylum procedures. Isma Benboulerbah and Chiara Cosentino were part of the research team and shared their expertise.

Link to October conference information.

Link to November conference information.