Coming soon: Handbook on FGM by ActionAid Sweden

ActionAid Sweden is soon to release the handbook that will conclude its 3-year project of implementation of circles for FGM survivors. These circles were designed to discuss the practice and share personal stories in a safe place. It has been carried out by their national program team since January 2020.

With this handbook, ActionAid aims to allow other organizations of the Swedish civil society to set up their circle to discuss FGM. By spreading the discussion outside of anti-FGM organisations, they hope to spread the opportunities for survivors to share, join the conversation and create a sense of common responsibility in the Swedish society.

This handbook is a step-by-step guideline to implementing circles of FGM survivors. With 22 sessions, it gives the possibility to circle leaders to discuss the practice from multitude angles. The sessions and the exercises are based on ActionAid´s ReflectionAction methodology, a participatory approach that has been used by our colleagues across the globe since 1990. Adding to these sessions, you will also find a large presentation of the practice for circle leaders to strengthen their knowledge as well as an implementation toolbox.

The handbook will be published digitally in English and in Swedish and uploaded on our website in mid-October.