AIDOS carrying on amidst the Covid-19 pandemic

As most NGOs, during the lockdown AIDOS has been busy rethinking and reshaping projects and activities, but also benefitting from and creating opportunities to learn and share knowledge.

Within the “MED-RES” project, whose goal is to enhance the capacity of migrants’ reception operators and professionals in Malta, Italy and Spain to respond to sexual and gender-based violence, AIDOS organised the webinar “Care for survivors of FGM” on the 19th of May, in cooperation with SAMIFO (a public health centre for migrants in Rome). Furthermore, the professionals previously involved in the training activities of the project are now meeting regularly within online working groups to discuss challenges and best practices on the issues of FGM, trafficking and sexual violence.

On the 25th of May, AIDOS participated in the webinar on “Gender issues and coronavirus: the impact on women”, in the framework of the Padova Global Health Festival’s second edition. Together with a gynaecologist from the Pro-Choice Italia Network, Serena Fiorletta talked about sexual and reproductive health and rights of women and girls.

As previous years, AIDOS is continuing its partnership with the Gender Studies and Policies Master, held by the University of Roma 3 – Department of Philosophy. The Master, that started at the end of February, consists of several modules, including one focused on intercultural studies, post-colonial and decolonial feminisms and new forms of connection beyond borders.