AIDOS - “Building Bridges” between Africa and Europe to stop FGM

“Building Bridges” between Africa and Europe to stop FGM

In April and May, AIDOS launched two animated videos: “Legislation as a tool for behavioural change” and “Collective consensus and harmful norm shift: transformative elements for change”. The videos, produced by AIDOS in the framework of the “Building Bridges between Africa and Europe to tackle FGM” project, are the last two in a series of four that tries to answer to questions such as What is female genital mutilation? What is a social norm? What is gender inequality? What is the role of law reforms? Which are the processes leading to social changes? The videos have been produced by AIDOS as a support tool for the UNFPA-UNICEF Manual on Social Norms and Change, and they are also meant to be used as an effective training and awareness-raising tool to explore different aspects of FGM.

In the framework of the same project, AIDOS organised a virtual training on radio production with partners Action Solidarité Développement (ASD, Republic of Guinea), Actions (Mauritania), Association Malienne pour le Suivi et l’Orientation des Pratiques Traditionnelles (AMSOPT, Mali), Jeunesse et Développement (JED, Senegal), Mwangaza Action (Burkina Faso). It was attended by 11 radio journalists and communication officers from the five West African countries. The training, held in May and June, included sessions on techniques of storytelling and practical exercises to guide the participants in the production of a radio program. In the next few months, the five podcasts (one per each country) will be finalised and disseminated on local radios to promote the abandonment of FGM.