ActionAid Sweden providing safe spaces for FGM-affected people through the pandemic

Since 2016, our Member ActionAid has been working to end FGM in Sweden. In June 2019, they launched a project establishing safe spaces for FGM-affected people.

At the core of the project is the Reflection Action method, a participatory method developed by ActionAid in 1990. With the support of a facilitator, participants use various tools to analyse their situation, identify how their rights may have been restricted and work together to change their situation.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the safe spaces were conducted online, which to some extent limited the project. Thankfully, in March 2022, they were able to move back to physical safe spaces. They decided to team up with a grassroot organisation to carry on the project. ActionAid Sweden's partner, Existera, is a Stockholm-based non-profit organisation providing dialogue spaces and phone support for FGM survivors. Every Wednesday, they are holding a safe space for FGM survivors living in the Stockholm region and using the Reflection Action method.

Adding their knowledge and resources has been the key to re-launch their project after COVID-19´s consequences. We believe that cooperation between organisations is the key to strengthening anti-FGM projects. Thus, they are currently looking for other partners to implement more safe spaces across Sweden.