2023 Annual Ambassadors Intergenerational Meeting: Sharing Wisdom, Strengthening Bonds

On October 14th and 15th the annual Ambassadors Intergenerational Meeting took place in Brussels.

The Ambassadors Intergenerational Meeting is a yearly event that brings together Ambassadors and Youth Ambassadors to learn from each other and contribute to the End FGM E-Campus. The event was a great success, with 10 Ambassadors and Youth Ambassadors participating. The meeting provided a platform for the Ambassadors to give valuable advice to the secretariat on the End FGM E-Campus and to shape the next phase of the Ambassadors' programme.

One of the highlights of the event was a workshop on public speaking, which was aimed at enhancing the communication skills of the Ambassadors. The workshop will enable the Ambassadors to communicate better with fellow community members and stakeholders, which is essential in the fight against FGM.

The Ambassadors programme is an important initiative that brings together activists and experts from different communities to work towards ending FGM. The programme provides a platform for the Ambassadors to share their community-based expertise with the European movement to end FGM, while the Secretariat supports their own activism. 

The success of the Ambassadors Intergenerational Meeting once again highlighted the great value of the Ambassadors programme for the network.