Why the Gender ABC project cannot be transferred to the internet

As everyone else in these times, the Gender ABC project team at TERRE DES FEMMES is severely affected by the situation and the restrictions taken by the Berlin Senate and the German Government to contain the virus COVID-19. Since schools were closed and social contacts reduced to a minimum, project coordinators are discussing how activities could look like if the situation continues being the same. Are there any activities that can be carried out online or virtually and that are still able to reach the goals of the project?

On the one hand, awareness raising activities as well as training for key professionals and school personnel could be implemented on a virtual basis. With regard to raising awareness, social media and virtual tools are highly effective.

On the other hand, changing behaviour and attitudes of students is linked to a participative, comprehensive and interactive learning process of each child. Performing, acting and doing are a core factor in this process. On this account, TERRE DES FEMMES is hoping for an extension of the project to continue its work in schools – obviously, adapting activities in an appropriate way to ensure the children’s and teacher’s safety.