Tackling intimate, sexual and cyber violence in Spain

Last May, the Gender ABC team from Médicos del Mundo (Spain) finished the National Implementation Plan Strategy that will be executed during the 2019-2020 school year. Médicos del Mundo will address gender equity and the prevention of all forms of gender-based violence in several Secondary Education schools in Madrid, Bilbao and Huesca and of Primary education in Huesca.

A total of 30 groups and 750 students will reflect on the roots and also the consequences of gender-based violence. Gender-based violence among young people is increasing in Spain and we strongly believe it is necessary to tackle it from the earliest ages, as it has been requested by some schools. The main forms of violence that we will address will be dating violence, sexual violence and cyber violence due to their direct connection with teens. We will also address some harmful traditional practices such as FGM and early marriage, practices that are starting to be quite important in Spain.

Gender ABC has a human rights and participatory approach where reflection and the collective construction of knowledge are the main pillars. On that basis, students will build their own tools to combat gender-based violence and promote gender equity.