Sharing knowledge with other students

TERRE DES FEMMES (TDF) has implemented the Gender ABC programme in seven schools in six different districts of Berlin to the present day.

TDF’s educators have visited three primary schools, three secondary schools and lastly, one vocational college. Consequently, not only a diverse range of age groups could be reached and trained on the topics of the programme, but also students with different social and economic backgrounds. In particular, the project sessions focused on sexual orientation, gender-based violence, stereotypes and gender roles. The aim is to encourage students to reflect on their own behaviour and thinking through creative work. The project is usually including different exercises on these specific topics. On the last project day, participants present their role plays, art works, poems as well as other creative outputs to another class and parents in order to rise the outreach and increase awareness on gender-based violence.

Adapting to various audiences

At the end of January 2020, the Gender ABC project visited its fifth school, Emanuel-Lasker-Schule in Friedrichshain. For instance, these 14- and 15- year-old participants showed advanced knowledge and awareness of gender inequalities and relations. For that reason, educators could deepen their work. The final presentation to school mates to other classes was well received. TERRE DES FEMMES is already looking forward to the remaining project sessions in schools and the amazing outcome that students and teachers are going to achieve.

Unfortunately, due to the measures that had to be taken to contain Covid-19, the activities with children and teachers had to be interrupted.

The Gender ABC team from Berlin is hoping for the best. We wish that our joint project consortium can continue with the project in the near future. Stay safe and healthy!

Image credit: © TERRE DES FEMMES: Artwork of a student "Stop violence"