RAP GENDER ABC – A Song to Prevent Gender-Based Violence!

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From young people to young people, using art as a tool for human rights: Gender ABC's students from Portugal have produced a rap song to address their peers and prevent various forms of gender-based violence, such as gender stereotyping, gender bullying, cyber violence and intimate partner violence (topics that are covered by our Educational Modules and during the trainings in schools).

During the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown, APF-Associação de Planeamento da Família and Amadora Oeste School Group (in particular, Seomara da Costa Primo Secondary School) came together to create this musical piece.

A big thank you to the 1º TD2 class students and to their class director Elsa Pereira for their outstanding commitment; a special thanks to the student Nuno Teixeira and the rapper West Wood for going the extra mile.

Check out their message below!

LYRICS (translated from Portuguese)

Male or female, straight, gay, trans or queer
Fight gender violence, Gender ABC, without fear!

Your family doesn't agree
Calú, don't let yourself demote
Follow your dream, wake up!
You'll only be happy if you dance!

At school they come with you
Don't mind, Calú, they're insane
Grab the friendly advice
From colleagues and teachers

Ricardo, you don't talk decently
With your girlfriend
It makes her feel unloved
She feels really bad
Because you have an unhealthy dialogue

With fights and arguments
Your relationship ends!
Ricardo, trust her
Take the walk together!

Thomas, don’t try to be a macho
Why are you taking advantage?
You use social networks
To hurt gay people

Don't cyberbully
It's not even a joke
Don't hurt people
Be happy in another way

To insult and to assault is not love
Kiara, don't let yourself demote
You have to report him
So you can smile again

Calú, like that you're not going anywhere
You have to learn that you must respect her
Privacy is a right and common sense
So, Calú, stop controlling her!

Ana, you're having a hard time
He controls your phone and social media
Control, obsession, threat, fear
You have to report him, Ana, stop suffering!

You can always go to the police, talk to the school, friends or family
Do not yield to threats! I have the number of institutions
We can call Sónia Breda, from APF, and find a solution!

Maria, I met your boyfriend
And I already know what happened
I don't know what happened
But I know he hit you.

You can always file a complaint
We can call whomever you want
It's not just you that you protect
There are more women too.

There are all kinds of people
Victims of violence
Let's act
And prevent it!


Class 1º TD2 - ES Seomara da Costa Primo/AE Amadora Oeste - 2019/2020


Alessandro Teixeira (Rapper “West Wood”) - Production, Composition
Nuno Teixeira - Voice