Gender ABC-Awareness Week in Germany

On the 27th of April, TERRE DES FEMMES launched an Awareness Week, calling attention to the importance of gender education programmes and support services, particularly during lockdown measures in the course of Covid-19.

Despite schools started to re-open in Berlin at the end of April, the vast majority of students will stay at home until the end of the school year. This and parents being at home working, leads to a higher risk for women and children being affected by gender-based violence.

In many cases, families do not have sufficient room for personal privacy. Home schooling of students is an additional challenge: many parents cannot provide access to a computer, laptop or the internet. Especially women are facing now the difficulty of doing their formal work, their informal and unpaid work and home schooling.

For this reason, TERRE DES FEMMES decided to raise awareness by pointing out the consequences of this situation, especially for families in vulnerable socio-economic conditions, as well as to inform about support and counselling services in Germany. The awareness week took place on different social media channels, such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

In addition, TERRE DES FEMMMES disseminated current campaigns of the Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens Women and Youth, the Commissioner against sexual abuse of children and women’s shelters in its networks. To get support (also in different language), please visit: