The End FGM Building Bridges Seminar

On May 30th, the End FGM European Network held the “Building bridges between the EU and countries of origin” seminar in Brussels. The seminar focused on the Networks 2017 theme: “Building Bridges” defined by “Synergies and cooperation between actors from different sectors in EU countries of residence and in countries of origin to implement actions, policies and legal frameworks to end FGM tackling the transnational nature of this practice”.

With FGM now recognised as a global issue affecting all continents including Europe, the practice must be addressed in bi- and multilateral discussions among countries and stakeholders and requires the development of measures with a cross-border dimension and collaboration among EU stakeholders and with partners in countries of origin.

Seminar presentations were delivered by various FGM organizations including:

Forward UK

GAMS Belgium


ActionAid International Italy

Ifrah Foundation Somalia/Ireland

AIDOS (Italy)

Equipop (France)

The Girl Generation UK/Africa

The Guardian Global Media Campaign UK/Africa

The aims of the seminar were to provide the opportunities for different stakeholders in the field of FGM to:

  • Discuss the concept of the Building Bridges approach
  • Explore promising practises
  • Learn from one others experiences
  • Share ideas and recommendations on how to address challenges and brainstorm on the way forward

To view all livestreamed presentations via facebook live click here.

Find below presentations & videos from the Building Bridges Seminar:

The “Video Filmed letters” project - FGM exchanges between Fulani migrants in Belgium and their community in Velingara, Senegal

Seydou Niang, GAMS Belgium


Building bridges with local partners to catalyse change in rights of girls and young women in Tanzania

Naana Otoo-Oyortey, FORWARD UK



Preventing FGM in the EU through empowerment and mobilisation of Migrant Women: the application of R-A Methodology in the AFTER Project

Rossana Scaricabarozzi, ActionAid International Italy


Building a national action plan (NAP) for the abandonment of FGM in Somalia

Ifrah Ahmed & Louise Dawson, Ifrah Foundation Somalia/Ireland


Building bridges between Africa and Europe to tackle FGM. A pilot experience

Clara Caldera, AIDOS Italy / Aurélie Desrumaux, Equipop France / Stéphanie Florquin, GAMS Belgium


Using Communication to Support Social Change in Africa and the Diaspora Kékéli Kpognon, The Girl Generation: Together to End FGM


Media building bridges - The Guardian Campaign

Naimah Hassan